• A Continuation & Reclamation of a Wild Womxn Lineage

    "Helena Larsdotter died 6 July 1718 in Knaften, Lycksele. Considered troll-savvy. Taught her grandson Hindrik Mattsson Finnish chants and was hired by many to cure the sick..." taken from an excerpt from an ancestral document obtained by my Morfar (Swedish for grandfather).

    In October of 2022, I was offering mediumship readings at the annual Dark Arts & Crafts Faire hosted by Deadwick's Ethereal Emporium and was repeatedly hearing the name "Helena" come through in many of my readings one Saturday. I thought it was an ancestor of one of my clients who was not being identified but it turns out that she was an ancestor of mine! When I spoke to my mom about this the following Monday she told me that the previous weekend my Morfar had discovered we had yet another witchy woman in our lineage, Helena. We were both amazed that she had come through to both myself and my Morfar that weekend in different ways. This all occurred towards the completion of my Advanced Shamanic Energy Medicine Training with The Four Winds Society. I knew she was calling to me to continue the wild woman lineage through being of service to my community and officially stepping into the role of the wise woman. From Irish tea leaf readers and psychic mediums to Sámi shamans and viking women buried with honors mistaken for men upon their discovery, Helena and these beloved ancestors of mine have inspired this brand and project. Trollsavvy is a reclamation of the wild feminine: the witch, the warrior, the lover, the creatrix. Trollsavvy is a celebration and revival of the Old Ways that many of my ancestors were patronized for practicing. Trollsavvy aims to return honor and sacredness to the words "troll" and "witch" after they have been cast as triggering or vile as both a conscious and subconscious way of disempowering those practicing alternative medicine, particularly womxn. Trollsavvy is an inclusive brand designed by real womxn, modeled by real womxn, for real womxn. The time to rise up into our divine power is now and we are without a doubt the ones we (and our ancestors) have been waiting for. Shine on, wild one!

    Blessed Be,

    Nina M. Sartorelli

    Founder & Designer of Trollsavvy

    Founder & Lead Practitioner of Indigo Haven Healing